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Take Action To Stop The Vape Ban Now!

Feb 3rd 2018: "This State Vapor Bill Tracking Report contains current bills, by state, that are active as of the date above. Please be aware that if your state does carry over bills from last year, we are still tracking those in case those bills again become active.
Also, note that the bill title is an active link that will provide you with additional information about the bill and bill text. As you will see, several bills below contain tax increases, flavor bans, labeling requirements, as well as both indoor and outdoor use bans.
Finally, the report also notes upcoming hearings so that we can have an active voice in state capitols. The report also contains notes on bills that have advanced out of committee in your state."
Check State Vapor Bill Tracking Report - Find Out About Vape Legislation In Your State Here - & If You Vape Advocate

New FDA Regulations take effect August 8, 2016. We will be required to check ID for age verification purposes at that time. Customers will have 3 options to verify age in accordance with these new regulations:

  1. You may securely submit proof of age by uploading an image file (a legible picture of or scanned copy of your ID) using our encrypted form during checkout.
  2. You may fax age verification documents to us at 360-984-6485 if you prefer.
  3. Alternatively you may select USPS Priority Mail with Adult Signature Confirmation (you must be 21+ to use this method) as your shipping option if you do not wish to use options 1 or 2.

Starting August 8th 2016 all orders must be submitted using ONE of these age verification methods listed above.

Orders submitted without age verification will be cancelled unless we already have your age verification on file.

If you have any questions or would like to verify your age using another method please
contact us.

August 8th 2016 is the start of the 24-month grace period for manufacturers to file their premarket tobacco applications (PMTA). For any new vapor product to be introduced to the market after August 8th, manufacturers will be required to file a PMTA with no grace period to allow for marketing before the application is granted. What this means is that as a practical matter, there will be no new products on the market after August 8th.

Although a lot of focus has shifted to the FDA deeming regulations, it is critical that consumers and vapor businesses are aware of other federal and state laws that will be taking effect soon.
CASAA’s Testimonials Project, has collected over 10,000 stories and continues to grow. We are working toward collecting testimonials with more detail so that we can provide state specific numbers to state and regional advocacy organizations that will assist them in their advocacy efforts.
Although not a CASAA project, The Vape a Vet (VAV) Project has been providing vapor products for free to veterans and active duty service members for three years now. Sadly, the FDA deeming regulation is having a negative impact on VAV and making it more difficult to provide this lifesaving resource to our nation’s bravest. When considering where to send your donations, please keep VAV in mind. You can learn more about the project and how to donate here.
Register to Vote before your state’s deadline! . . . and then, make sure you vote! Exercising your right to vote is vital to any advocacy effort. Engagement from voters carries weight with lawmakers as they consider input on legislation that comes before them. Lawmakers are not be able to see how you vote, but they will certainly check to see if you are voting.

Probably the most important law for consumers and retailers alike to be aware of is the
Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 (CNPPA) which takes effect on July 26th, 2016. Consumers and retailers need to understand that there are specific testing protocols which are described in Title 16 CFR, §1700.20. Although child-resistant packaging exists in other parts of the world, it may not meet US Federal guidelines. In order to sell bottled e-liquid after July 26th, 2016, it must be sold in child-resistant packaging that is compliant with the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)