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What is Steeping?

Steeping is process of letting the e-juice rest for a period of time to improve the flavor of the juice-much like letting good wine age. There are several methods of steeping.

Why Steep?

Our premium organic e-juice products are a mixture of several components: VG, Nicotine, natural flavors and distilled water. Whether freshly made or stored for an extended period of time, the more dense ingredients may separate and sink to the bottom. Shaking the bottle during the steeping process is important to homogenize your e-juice. This helps bring the ingredients together and ensures consistency.

When to steep?

Steeping generally improves the flavor of e-juice. If you already love the your juice, then there is no need to steep. Vape away. However, steeping makes the flavors of e-juice better and stronger, so we always recommend steeping. If the flavor is not to your liking, letting it steep will improve the flavor.

Slow Steeping (Recommended) Method:

Steeping requires patience. The simplest method to steep is to just let it sit. Check in once in a while, and let it sit some more.

Step 1: Give the bottle a good shake. And we mean shake it up! E-juice is viscous so lots of shaking is required to mix it properly.

Step 2: Light can degrade the juice flavors so find a cool and dark place to store your juice. We recommend your closet or a drawer (out of reach of children and pets).

Step 3: Come back after a week, give it another good shake. Try it if you like. Repeat. After about two or three weeks, do a flavor test. If it's not ready yet, let it sit some more. You can steep as long as you like for your personal taste preference.

What happens after steeping?

After the steeping period the juice flavor will change. This is precisely why we do it. The flavor will increase becoming richer and smoother. You may notice that the color of the juices may change. This is the result of nicotine becoming oxidized by the air. Whether the bottle is open or not there will be some oxidization.