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Vaping Glossary

Analog – Refers to a Tobacco Cigarette

Atomizer or Atty – (ˈætəˌmaɪzə) or atomiser n – a device for reducing a liquid to a fine spray, used in our community to vaporize e-liquid into inhalable vapor.

Electronic Cigarette, also e cigarette, or e-cigarette, or eCigarette, or eCig, and even e-cig. – The devices used in vaping, blanket term that encompasses all types of devices.

ELiquid or eJuice, or e Liquid, or e Juice, or E-Liquid, and E-Juice – The liquid that produces vapor when atomized. ELiquid comes in a variety of flavors. Ingredients vary by brand but may include: VG, PG, nicotine, flavoring, & distilled water.

Mod – This is a blanket term used to describe a ‘homemade device’ AKA modified Personal Vaporizer, or an electronic cigarette that is all mechanical. Can also be used to describe ANY eCigarette.

Mechanical Mod – A mechanical mod, or mech-mod, is an electronic cigarette that lacks electronics. It's basically a mechanical device with a battery.

TH or Throat Hit - That tingling, harsh burning sensation in the back of your throat produced by PG. The throat hit for some is a part of the overall satisfaction of the vaping experience. Some prefer a smoother vape without a lot of throat hit.

Vapor – the “smoke” emitted from an e-cigarette

Vape, Vaping – Using an e-cigarette

Topping off – Adding e-liquid to your current cartomizer-just like topping off a fuel at a gas station.

Dripping – Vaping by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer.