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Rules For Vaping In Public:

1. Always ask before vaping inside-it’s only polite. We know there is no smoke produced but others may not, and not everyone wants their house or car to smell like Boysenberry e-juice. Common courtesy goes a long way to dispel the myths and negative stereotypes about vapers.

2. Be prepared to answer questions-people are largely unfamiliar with this new technology but may have some preconceived notions about it. Being open and honest and explaining how it works may be annoying at times but people don’t usually accept the unknown-so make it known so they can!

3. Remember as a vaping ambassador of sorts, public perception of vaping and e-cigarettes largely depends on us. How are we using this technology? Are we encouraging less toxic alternatives to smoking? Are we making people uncomfortable or are we educating others? It’s really important that we send the right message in order for society to embrace this technology rather than regulate it out of existence.